10 March 2014

a book shelf restyle

i should have taken a before photo. but that would have terrified you. 

i spent some major time the other day restyling this shelf. we don't have much white space in our apartment -- it's mostly brick -- so the little we have is really prime real estate for adding light + contrast to our home. and this shelf was not being used well -- piled high & higher with dusty books. to be honest, we probably have too many books for our little apartment -- but they're not something we want to part with, and we know we'll want them around when we move into a house. so! we'll be putting some into boxes in the closet...and the rest, that don't have pretty covers, (you know -- those great books you have that just have the worst covers...?!) i'm working on re-covering with brown craft paper. you can see a few of those worked in with the others on the shelf. 

it's one of those corners that used to make me cringe when i walked by...but now i want to linger, sit down and read a little longer. so i'll say, mission accomplished. 


  1. Just lovely!! I love the placement of the vintage cameras- such a nice touch!

  2. all brick apartment sounds rather nice to me. i've loved all the spaces you've shared of your apartment so far. i love this little corner, its perfect.

  3. So neat and well organized, and in a fun way too by including beautiful figurines etc. :) I should do something similar to mine ..And even paint it first, since I hate the original colour :P

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

    ps. There's a post about natural beauty products on my blog in case you're interested ^^

  4. i just love this! now i want to organize and tidy something up to make it more cute!

  5. looks sweet! i too have winnie the pooh in my collection still. i covered my ugly covers with old maps, which i'll get around to sharing soon :)

  6. Mission accomplished indeed. Seriously cute and creative layout.

  7. I love the Deer! Everything is really cute. : )

  8. I love your photos. The books and cameras are a really good touch to the book shelves :)
    The unicorns <3


  9. i recently reoganized my office, everything from the bookshelves to the desks and it feels so good. suddenly, i want to have my morning coffee in there instead of on the balcony.