22 March 2014

couple o' sickos

what we have here is a bathroom selfie -- taken in the restroom of the dunkin' donuts in mckinney, TX. oh, how we loved our little last minute trip to the southwest!

the drive home, however, was one of the most miserable days of my life. we got a late start when we both woke up with nasty sore throats. our little niece + nephew were sick all week, and we managed to stave it off...but it got us at the last second. still, we had to be back for work, so we started the trek home with hot drinks to assuage our failing tonsils. but by the afternoon, i was feeling awful -- fighting fevers, body aches and chills and hot flashes and nausea. robbie was a literal angel and drove almost all the way back as i was shaking and groaning from 3 p.m. onward. and i think he was feeling nearly as crummy, too. i've never wanted to be in bed so badly in my whole life. and we're too sick to go to work anyway, so we've been in bed the last 15 hours. in all our years together, we've never been sick at the same time. it's disgusting. but romantic, too, taking turns with the cough syrup and ibuprofen bottles...by the sink pouring glasses of water to chug...trading back rubs. i guess, in the end, there's no one i'd rather be sick with.


  1. Haha yeah me and my husband are never sick at the same time. I think it would be romantic!

  2. Last minute trips are the best. Hope you guys feel better!
    Pretty Lovely

  3. Oh no! I pray things pick up soon enough for both of you.

    Though being sick together means you can snuggle without having to worry about being contagious, so make the most of that and cuddle up :)