30 March 2014

for good

top + skirt: ancient, forever 21. // lipstick: schiap by NARS, worth every penny.

it's funny how rest can make you sleepier. you know?

as the final coughs + sneezes + wheezes of my bout with bronchitis leave my body this week, i hope they'll take any final onslaughts of (denver's legendarily dwindling) winter with them. for good. it's actually been lovely lately -- from what i've seen, walking the pups about the block, or running to the market, outdoor stints that end too quickly. my legs yearn to be stretched long, walking in the sun. i can't wait to run again. for mountain hikes. toes dipped in streams, a picnic basket handy.

in the mean time, we've been bringing spring in -- and rushing winter's accumulated belongings out. yesterday was spent in a pile of clothes, spread across the living room -- sifting and sorting and packing away. giving, giving, giving away. because letting go, as we know, is good.


  1. Are you wearing the lipstick Candy Yum Yum?? It looks gorgeous on you! I'm loving your hair, the globe... and the look your dog is giving in the last pic - suspicious huh? x

    1. haha! that's so bernie's default expression. she is such a neurotic little goofball. and the lipstick is schiap by NARS. : ) i'll have to check out candy yum yum!

  2. So pretty and I LOVE candy Yum Yum. I wear it often. Def worth checking out. =)

  3. you look amazingggg. love love love.

  4. That fuchsia lipstick is amazing and you look oh so delicate and graceful in these sweet photos! Love it!

  5. oh love this look! also, thanks for adding me to your side bar! that is seriously SO AWESOME of you! :)