28 March 2014

mom's crazy sweater

sweater + dress, forever21 -- also cute 1, 2, 3 // boots: minnetonka (similar, + for summer) // necklace: c/o stylelately

well, now this is about the comfiest ensemble i ever did don. i'm finding as denver wiggles its way out of winter and into spring -- and then back into winter for a day or two -- it's best to keep these transitional sorts of pieces -- midi dresses, a longline sweater, a little pile of boots -- within quick reach.

but: is this a sweater, really? or a blanket with arms? i spent the day calling it my glorified snuggie. 

either way, it's bananas. i wish i could clone it and give one to each of you. and the boots -- by far, these minnetonkas are one of the longest-lasting, favorite items in my wardrobe. it's like walking on a cloud, kids.  (but my wishing i had a clone machine is a looongggg talk best saved for another day, maybe.) i think this is probably one of those things in my wardrobe that's going to stick around for a very long time. my kids will call it mom's crazy sweater. i look forward -- with much glee -- to that day. 


  1. This sweater honestly is the sweater of my dreams. I would never get out of it, they would have to use the jaws of life to pry me out of that thing.

    1. haha! i'm basically living in it these days. ; )

  2. this outfit is so perfect! there is nothing better than huge sweaters. and the dress and minnetonkas go so perfectly with that one!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  3. What a cool sweater! Looks so cozy!

  4. Love this outfit and that cozy sweater!

  5. I love Forever 21 and that's why, such a beautiful sweater!

  6. That is the greatest cardigan I have ever seen, I want!!

    The London Project | Charlotte's Web