03 March 2014

things thrifted

my favorite thing after a good thrifting trip is getting everything all cleaned up -- scrubbing housewares & running clothes through the wash -- and then laying everything out to re-admire my treasures. they really are surprises & that's the best part about it. you can walk in, maybe with a hope or a wish...but you never really know what you'll walk out with.

my favorite spot to thrift in denver (the ARC) has a special on saturdays -- half off most tags. so on this trip, i scored everything shown -- 2 skirts, 2 blouses, a sweater, 4 mugs, a plate, and a tray -- for about $10. would ya look at those 90s revival treasures? the chambray + polka dot blouse fit like a dream tucked into high-waist jeans, and i was so excited to finally find a cropped, white pullover sweater -- the last two winters i've tried in vain to find the right one, but always struck out. basics are oddly tough, y'know?

happy thrifting!


  1. You definitely have a talent for spotting good finds! Very cute outfits! Amazing!

  2. that skirt is perfect. can you take me thrifting with you?????

  3. that polka dot shirt is perfect.

    1. i've been looking for a new one for awhile! i really lucked out & spotted this right as i was about to check out...and it was $2! ; )

  4. Great finds! Love the cups and plates.