14 March 2014

things thrifted

in college, i had quite the enviable mug collection. enviable by cat-loving grandmotherly types everywhere, that is. when robbie + i got married and moved to colorado, i generally purged the collection and left myself with a rather small set. lately, i've been missing those beigey, speckled beauties -- but luckily, those kinds of housewares are never hard to spot at the thrift store -- usually for less than a buck apiece. i absolutely fell for this strawberry-covered one and brought her home -- she has no handle and instead fits snugly in your hand. and i love the little strawberries, which remind me of one of my earliest memories -- sitting in my backyard in virginia, picking wild strawberries, tiny ones, the size of a thimble. they were too sour to eat, so i'd smash them between my thumb and pointer finger, and i'd smear the juice on my overalls. much to my mother's chagrin, i'm sure.

the frames are spread out over several gallery walls we've been working on this week. these walls needed a little refresher, and gathering up a pile of one or two dollar frames is just right for bringing new life to our home. it's always a bonus, too, when one of the frames comes with the most perfect print. we've a penchant for florals, and woodsy creatures -- birds and bugs and rabbits, of course deer, and butterflies, too. she'll fit right in.


  1. ca utie pa tootie! Love your eye and style. =)

  2. Lovely newbies! :) I should go for a frame hunt, too. It would be fun to have a small area full of all kinds of frames and pictures.. We'll see if it ever happens, but I do love having projects :P (Another one of mine is to thrift all sorts of white porcelain animal figurines)


    1. white porcelain animal figurines! i love it! we've a few -- some owls, a unicorn, a swan -- and then lots of little deer of course (though not white). good luck in your treasure hunting!

  3. your photography is so beautiful