15 March 2014


just a few vignettes of this place we call home. 

it's shipped + shaped up by remarkable measures this week. so many started projects finally finished, and clutter hauled off. we are not minimalists & we will never be minimalists. we admire you minimalists out there, we do! we envy your discipline, your fine editorial eye. but we will never be you. no, we like our home to look like a pack of antic grandmothers did a walk-through and stuck little floral trinkets here & there & everywhere. it's just our way. 

hope your saturday's been a dream! 


  1. Great pics dear, love them!

  2. Your home looks lived in and that's why I love it.

    Minimalists are so pretty and perfect and I envy that element of their lives but for me I prefer a lived in home that has an aspect of clutter and a touch of disorganisation - to me, that is home.