01 April 2014

his, mine, and ours

snaps from two days past, the fastest vintage shopping outing in the world's history

as robbie winds up his final class of pharmacy school before he goes on rotations -- and as we've been traveling a bit and getting over bronchitis -- our schedules have felt anything but predictable the last few months. we share a car, and live in a part of downtown that's not really within walking distance to our favorite haunts...so there've been a lot of ok-i'll-have-the-car-back-in-an-hour-i-swear mornings -- speeding to find the perfect vintage dress in 20 minutes or less, passing off the car in the alley behind our place, 2 a.m. study sessions, late night takeout on the couch. 

it's good though. you know?

i'm constantly reminded of all the phases of our lives we've passed through together. every significant life event that either of us have had, from age 17 onward, has involved the other. our experiences -- and memories of them -- are all tied up, wound up in one another. indelibly. and i think that's what i love most about us. it was our high school and college graduations, our big move, it's our scrimping by together, it's our flourishing together. and this phase -- this demanding, draining grad school phase, this robbie-becoming-a-doctor phase -- is very nearly done. and soon, the new normal -- his, mine, and ours -- will take its place.


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    1. thanks, doll! i shot that one from the hip. ; )

  2. My hubby and I are going through a similar phase. I'm almost done with school and we are also currently sharing one car. I try to find the beauty in every phase of life.

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  3. I love how you write! It must be so exciting that he'll be doing rotations soon, which is one step closer to being an actual doctor. My hubs is in med school so I can understand this draining process all too well. Andd! I moved to a part of the country with no Buffalo Exchanges and it's quite heartbreaking.

    1. no! no buffalo! that IS heartbreaking. to be fair, there were all kinds of things that weren't in denver when we got here (h+m, trader joe's, ikea, etc.) and it's grown a lot since then. so i'll cross my fingers that you get some development luck, too!

  4. Bridget! Thank you for making me believe in love and marriage and a life spent together. I've been a bit shaky, a bit sceptical about it all recently and your words just breathe life into all my dry-bones-perspective. You have such an incredible gift of positivity. Thank you.

  5. its been too long since i've kept up with blogs. glad im stumbling through yours again;)