03 April 2014

taking stock

inspired by sydney, who was inspired by pip.


making: time to be.
cooking: split pea soup.
drinking: iced lattes with friends at huckleberry roasters.
reading: kinfolk, over + over.
wanting: a big old yard with a big old tree and a big old rainstorm.
looking: for peace in how i treat the world, not in how the world treats me.
playing: the beatles on my ukelele.
wasting: time dreaming of a little house + wee ones -- always.
sewing: little stitches to fix up a vintage dress.
wishing: for bravery.
enjoying: a space that little by little is more our own.
waiting: for spring to come on strong.
liking: my early bird inclinations.
wondering: where we will end up.
loving: the sound of scratchy records spinning in a wide + empty apartment, early in the day.
hoping: to find peace in certain unwelcome seasons of life that seem to drag on.
marveling: at the cherry blossom sprig that came back to life when put in a tiny glass of water.
needing: simple brown sandals.
smelling: rose water tonic spritzed on freshly laundered sheets.
wearing: dresses that grace the ground, forever + ever.
following: the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.
noticing: shades of blue.
knowing: more and more, the joy of simplifying.
thinking: i will buy a salt rock lamp to clean our air.
bookmarking: latonya's bedroom tour. a space for the dreamers, i think.
opening: the windows often lately.
giggling: always, at the funny things robbie says -- which i save in a little file on my phone.
feeling: whole.


  1. Saw this on Samantha Heather's blog, and had to see another one.

    I'm also inspired. I think this will become a trend? haha.

    Naturally Jes

    1. it was so fun! and rejuvenating to fill in. i think it'll have to be a recurrent thing. ; )

  2. Great post idea! I too saw this on Sam's blog and had to check yours out

  3. This was a great little read! Love these posts. :) Also, a salt rock lamp? Never heard of it but I just may do some research on that!

    1. i hadn't either, but i've seen a few posts about them recently. they're supposed to help purify the air. it would be great as an extra measure to keep our air clean in these parts -- which is a big priority because of robbie's CF + my springtime allergies. so i think we'll try it out, just for fun!

  4. I stepped away from my blog for a bit and needed help jumping back in. I remembered your "Taking Stock" post and it inspired me to get started again — thanks Bridget!