19 April 2014

the perrenoud

Yesterday afternoon, Robert & I enjoyed a sunshiny outing. We've no stoop per se, so we borrowed someone else's. We sat on the steps in the shade of a tree (for an hour? two hours?) and we talked about where we should move next year, and about maybe picking up tennis this summer. He admired a bed of daffodils. And we talked about our dream house -- of porches and stoops, and a small backyard, of white walls, of wide windows, and archways, of nooks and crannies, of soft-spoken antiqueness, of history...of dark hardwood floors -- of tiny feet running across them.

And on the way home, we passed this building, which we stopped to admire for a few minutes. The heavy wooden doors, the golden pulls, stained glass, silver-painted radiator -- and the looming white columns, the sun-shaped light fixture. There's a patch of grass that runs around it -- perfect for lounging with a book on summer mornings. I had to look it up, the Perrenoud, when we got home. The building, in the Swallow Hill Historic District, was constructed in 1901 by three sisters -- Adele, Zelie, and R. Louise -- and in its heyday, the building functioned as a sort of private club -- on the lower level was a kitchen with a full time chef, a dining room, a ballroom, staffed laundry, maids and servants. The building still houses a birdcage elevator -- the last functioning one in Denver. I've a habit of getting all caught up in histories -- I like to hear people's stories, and I like to know the histories of places, of things, too. So there's a bit about the Perrenoud, and how we passed it on a warm Friday in April -- one busy with daydreams.


  1. Thank you for sharing the story. It is realy very inspired. And the whole building.

  2. The way you edit your photos, gorgeous. Really captured the eeriness and history of that building. Wonderful post!

  3. So beautiful!! I love days like that. :)

    1. they're the best kind of days! also, i totally owe you an email...it's coming soon, promise! xoxo.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love old buildings and all their beautiful details.