02 May 2014

a dress for the sun

dress: free people, similar one // headwrap: UO // locket: c/o burdees // bangles: gift // ring: mexico  // boots: payless // lipstick: rebel by MAC

I love to wear black, but it's not a color I don too often -- because one, I have dogs who love to jump on and barrage me with fur, and two, I'm more a white/beige girl at heart. White dresses are like 83-ish percent of my wardrobe. If I was guess-timating.

But I loved this ensemble. I felt I was sort of channelling my inner Aria Montgomery -- with wild hair and journals to spare. She writes and reads voraciously, keeps an analog camera on hand, is vegetarian, and spends a lot of time sitting in thought at coffee shops. So, you know, I like her.

I'll be wearing this dress all spring + summer long, letting it fade a bit and collect its own sun-soaked stories -- carrying pitchers of iced tea in one hand and tossing the hem to the wind with the other. You know, in the part of the fantasy where I have backyard in which to sit and drink goblets of iced tea. A good dress can make a girl dream, ya know?


  1. I hear you on the not wearing black with pets around. We don't have any pets however lots of friends who do and they bring their dogs over often. Which results an hair everywhere. It's hard to get rid of and sticks to everything. This is a great dress though. I hope you find more occasions to wear it. :)

    1. haha! totally. the crochet detail on this dress is so delicate and fine that i'm sure any dog hair would just weave its way in, and i'd never get it out. tis a dress for date nights and dog-less days out, methinks! ; )

  2. Black dresses are so wonderful (: The look is amazing.
    Have a great weekend.

    Lovely Evv

  3. Your style is always spot on but between this outfit & your white dress outfit post last week, I am in awe!

    Also, virtual high-five for the PLL reference. Aria is the jam.

  4. I recently drank a goblet of iced tea at my half-table (modified for my shoebox-sized studio apartment) while listening to opera on vinyl. I was instantly fancier than I'd been all day. Highly recommended, even without the backyard!

    Lovely and dreamy styling, well done.

  5. Those picture are stunnîng you look Fab!!
    Is that only or There is à ginger cat just upon your head on the roof top ? Haha on the third image if i remember?

    Well glad to find your blog its delicate i like it :)

    1. oh gosh, i wish! i love me a good ginger cat -- but that's just another building in the background. it would make my already witchy outfit even witchier! i'll have to find one. ; )

  6. Well aren't you just the most gorgeous thing! I never knew your eyes were that colour.

    P.s. I'm loving the touch of black in your wardrobe. Every girl needs a LBD

  7. I think you're the only person who can casually mention Aria Montgomery and none of us would think anything of it because you're just that cool. Also, you look stunning as usual.

  8. you look absolutely stunning! I love an unexpected black dress in the spring/summer
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Ok, fine! I'll do it. I'll start watching Pretty Little Liars. I've held off as long as I possibly could (much to the chagrin of at least half a dozen friends with infallible taste who are down right snobbish about that their trashy television) but this post just sent me right over the edge. You, and that absolutely gorgeous dress, just converted me. ;)


    Lauren @ FOXTAIL + MOSS