12 May 2014

dreamlife // porch living

It's been a bit since I shared some of my pinterest daydreams -- here's a new one for you: porch life. 

I've been dreaming, as of late (oh who am I kidding? -- always!) of porch life. Cooped-up, balcony-less apartments will do that to you. I swear it makes your skin itch! While waiting for a table on date night, Robbie and I found ourselves wandering in the rain through Denver's Swallow Hill, and we kept finding the most perfect porches. Porches with chairs, with benches, with swings under awnings, with overflowing potted plants. Some people like cars. But to me, a humble, bohemian backyard is like, yeah, you've made it.  DIY furniture, a hammock, mismatched thrift store glasses, colorful throw pillows. I daydream of flowy dresses and sandals, and a little outdoor space in which to craft, and write, to sip coffee, to spin records while dancing, balancing a baby (or two!) on my hip. I dream of standing there barefoot while a light rain drizzles, and just as happily on hot summer evenings. Because porches are for everything, forever.

p.s. I pinned the porch + baby mocs via Latonya, who has the most enviable taste. Go see/read/drool over her blog! 


  1. Gosh! I love those baby mocs! They are too adorable!
    This post makes me even more excited for summer nights and carefree days.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Agreed! I've been dreamily pinning a bunch of sleeping porches lately :-) And thanks for introducing me to Latonya Yvette!

  3. Oh my. Me too! Porches have been on my mind every. single. day. It's so warm today and my tiny juliet balcony is just being a tease...