06 May 2014

we've this succulent

We've this succulent -- one that's been with us, sitting in our windowsill, for about a year now -- that refuses to grow in any linear fashion. She rises out of the dirt in the middle of the pot, and stretches her limbs way, way out to the left. You'd think the sun only sat in the left side of the sky the way she stretches out that way. We tried once to redirect her path -- transplanted her and stuck in a little wooden stake. And, standing upright, we weaved her into, around it. We envisioned her at full attention, with enviable posture -- nose up like a marionette, fanning out in perfect omnidirectional symmetry. But she rebelled. Went brown in spots, let leaves drop. And so we pulled out the stake, feeling silly for our little trifle with nature.

She is happy this way, leaning so far out and over the pot that her arms might soon grace the windowsill below. And Robbie examined this succulent of ours and admired it and said, Actually, I think it's supposed to look like this.

How very often do I need to say that about my own life. Lately I've been getting all caught up in wanting some things so badly that I forget. Forget to look at the shape of my life, the texture and weight of it, the leaning of it this way or another at any given moment. To examine it and admire it and say, Actually, I think it's supposed to look like this. 


  1. Beautifully stated, as always. I feel you, girl. xo

  2. This post just really made me stop and think for a moment. I feel exactly the same way, like there is this pressure to get things the way I want them instantly and in my impatience I forget to look at the now instead of the future. This was a really inspiring read, thank you for writing :)

  3. love this. beautifully written. makes me think about the things that I want vs. things that I need to grow to my fullest potential.


  4. I always think its hard to take care of something that grows like a Plant for instance but it makes you think twice about how you take care of yourself.
    Anyway its lovely written :)

    Have a good week ending ,
    Love From Paris.

    1. Oh, thank you, Lorna. And love TO Paris! : )

  5. oh, i love this. and succulents. but mostly this. <3

  6. This was perfect. I have done this countless times, but you are oh so right.

  7. "Actually, I think it's supposed to look like this." What a beautiful sentiment. Thank you for this.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  8. I don't have a single succulent that stands up straight and all it takes is a single blog post from you for me to come to acceptance with that, and a couple of other things too. Thanks for this.

  9. I have been in a similar position lately myself. I am in a constant state of dreaming and sometimes I look at my life and wonder why it doesn't look like her life or his life. But then I am reminded that my life was made perfectly this way, it may not look like anyone else's but it works and it's just right. I just have to trust it, thats all.