26 June 2014

A bit like Pepe Le Pew

sweater: nordstrom rack // crop top + sunnies: nordstrom // skirt: thrifted // clogs: AE // purse: target

Let's be honest, the real winner of this outfit is the heart-shaped sunnies. God bless the juniors section which doth bequeath bargain eyewear unto us. When I wear them I feel -- and rightfully so -- like a cartoon Pepe Le Pew in love. Ma cherie! 

And now -- beneath the cover of my sunnies -- I shed a lone, silent tear for my long locks, which were still intact at the time of this photoshoot. But not really because you were more strawlike than hairlike. I will see you again, hopefully healthier, in one year's time.

P.s. Hey Robbie! How fitting that I can see you in my heart-shaped glasses. *Insert heart-eye emoticon here.*


  1. Ha, love the Pepe Le Pew reference and the glasses :-)

  2. So adorable :) Loved the glasses

  3. Adorable! And I love those sunnies. Have been on the hunt for them forever.