06 June 2014

Agatha + Etta

My current favorite corner -- complete with a pink armchair, the at-present useless (read: space-consuming) antique school desk I refuse to ever toss (sorry, Robbie). And, of course, my newly thrifted globe -- and two new succulents, named Agatha & Etta. 

By the way, Robert chose the name Agatha for his flowering lady of a plant, and I named mine Etta soon thereafter. And, story: So, when Robert names things, he does it in the cutest way that kills me. He'll just start calling things by name, with no explanation or exposition regarding the naming process or the name itself. So, after getting home from the nursery, he said to me as I was getting out of the car, just plain as day, would you please grab Agatha? And be careful with her flowers, please.

And just like that we had a plant named Agatha. (And we are very careful with her flowers.)


  1. Um. That antique school desk? DON'T EVER THROW IT OUT! Puh-leeeeeease. I would be devastated on your behalf! it is perfect! I'm sure it is cumbersome and sure it takes up lots of space but it is truly delightful and I think you should keep it always!!!

    Jemima x

  2. hahah so sweet, love how he names them without further notice! I need a new plant myself. My flowering cactus (rightly named Prickled Pink for her pink flowers) didn't survive my move :(
    xo, Lauryn
    Ambiguously Me

  3. agatha and etta. what great names for succulents! i do hope you never get rid of that school desk -- it's too perfect.

  4. oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing!

  5. that is precious. so sweet!