11 July 2014

spaghetti brain

(Psst! Ladies and gents...to subvert your expectations...only 2/9 of these iPhone snaps have been posted on Instagram so far. We're reversing the natural order of things tonight!)

Let's get started. I have spaghetti brain! Spaghetti brain is when you have a million thoughts crowding your brain and they're all criss-crossed and wrapped up in each other. Most of these thoughts are...maybe something more between a thought and a feeling...and, thus, are rather inarticulate.

But here's a mumbly, jumbly list of the things I can articulate:

-I have a whole notebook dedicated to excellent child-rearing ideas. This week I added: Mom + Dad's bedroom-gone-hotel night in which our kids can take over our room, watch cartoons, and order "room service" from us. And HAOTW, or, Hybrid Animal of the Week, which I'll let you think about on your own.
-I am currently working on a series of poems for summer. (Perhaps therein is the word-thief culprit!)
-Lately, I have a compulsive need to cover all my books in brown and/or white craft paper. 
-Ice cream sandwiches. 
-Recently, the salt rock lamp was moved to a dog-accessible spot. Until I caught the dogs licking it. 
-I get nervous talking to people. I worry all the time they'll find me rude -- but I'm no good at carrying witty conversation. 
-New bedding! It looks like tissue paper! 
-Sylvia Plath's journals. 
-...And random moments of loathing Ted Hughes for destroying her most controversial ones. 
-I care more about making people feel good than just about anything. 
-I am homesick for the seaside. 
-Sometimes I write scenes in my head throughout the day, and this is how I end up with sentences like, "the moon in a sliver above the big cloud" stuck in my head forever. 
-I wish all the good movies that come out in the winter would come out in the summer. It's so romantic to sneak off to the cinema on a hot afternoon -- to waste a day in the cool dark, and then to emerge with hours of sunlight still ahead. 
-Lastly, the sweetest quote from my Robbie: "You just can't look at a daisy and feel sad." 


  1. You should do a post on how you edit your insta photos causeeee they are so lovely and that would just make my day :)

    1. I'll do that! A little..tutorial. : ) If there are any specific questions you want answered, let me know!

  2. Loved this list. I often have spaghetti brain myself, especially since it's almost time to head back to college and I feel like I have a million things running through my mind as to what needs to be gathered/packed/etc. Also, OMG YES to loathing Ted Hughes for destroying Sylvia Plath's controversial journals. I LOATHE him beyond measure.


  3. your photos are so lovely. I love Sylvia so much. I really want to read Ariel this summer! and that bedding is absolutely perfect.

  4. you just can't look at a daisy and feel sad; - so true! Haha xx

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  5. I often feel the same way about the sixth one down. Exactly the same.


  6. I never have anything clever to say to new people I meet. Put me in a room with Stephen however, and I can be mistaken for a philosophical genius for hours on end.

    It's a strange thing isn't it.

  7. I get nervous talking to people too! I love your photographs and you have a wonderful blog. ---Stephanie

  8. I live your eye for the photographs! :D

  9. I lived in Colorado for three months and after one I was sooooo homesick, especially for the ocean. The PNW is the best!