27 July 2014

two going on thirteen

I've had about, er, I dunno, like five full-on photoshoots with my dogs this week. These are the things that happen when you work as a photographer, and have a part-time job with wonky hours...and you happen, magically, to have a whole week off...by yourself, of course, since your husband's deep in the throes of pharmacy rotations, and your friends work regular hours anyway, and you're (sadly) childless, and you get it. But, like seriously, you'd be embarrassed for me if you saw how many photos of my dogs I've taken in the last four days. ...Actually, you will be. Since I plan on posting all dem photos.

Anyway, after wrapping up one said photoshoot with a sweet, complying beagle -- she was HAMMING it, guys -- this fella hopped onto the end of the bed, just so, as if asking me to take these two moody snaps.

Look at that face. I think he's officially a teenager. (I mean, technically, in dog years...)


  1. That dog is precious. It has a mind of it's own, I love it! :)


  2. I too am (sadly) childless...my dog is like our baby and I take about a hundred pictures of her a day. Scary to think how many pictures I will take of my actual children!

  3. Yes yes and yes! Give me more dog photos!!!! Nothing to be ashamed of there lady, your dogs are completely fabulous and photo-worthy!

  4. good thing your pup is so cute, so I couldn't mind seeing a million pictures of him.

    1. Haha! Thanks, Mila! I'm sure I'll deliver on that. ; )

  5. that face. how could you NOT take a thousand photos?! cutie.

  6. I have two jobs and a four year old and I take way to many photos of my dogs. You are not alone.