28 July 2014

weathervane cafe

The adorable Weathervane Cafe has quickly become one of our favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee on glorious mornings off together. It's no surprise cafe life is sort of my calling. A second home. I love to experience the very different personalities of coffee shops. All inspire some sort of creative output (or input)...but I find, over time, that I have certain favorite spots for certain favorite activities. I have the cafes I frequent with a heavy book under my arm...and others where my accessory of choice is a notebook, or a laptop, or a camera, or a friend. 

The Weathervane is by far the most eclectic -- and funky and friendly -- coffee shop we've visited in Denver. The main level has that easy-going, undeniable coffee shop vibe...or, you can adventure upstairs, where the second story of the historic house is dedicated to a vintage shop (Beehive Vintage). The coffee shop itself is chock-full of trinkets and vintage goodies too -- grand nautical paintings and framed embroideries on the walls, a melange of mismatched chairs, stacks of old books, and, in the front corner, a vintage metal fan that hums the day away. It's scattered with these objects to pique your curiosity -- a vintage view-master (proudly stamped with a manufactured in Portland on the back) was our treat on this particular visit. We flipped through the sliding film, taking in three-dimensional snapshots of bears and deer and cars in the mountains. 

And, of course, the coffee is excellent. 

So, visitors to (or residents of) Denver, add this one to your list! 

The Weathervane Cafe 
1725 East 17th Ave. 
Denver, CO 80218

p.s. ditched my camera for the morning + shot these on iPhone. Edited with vscocam.


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I absolutely love those cute and cozy details.

    1. Shannon, you always make my day! Thank you! It's really such a darling spot.

  2. looks like such a cool spot! & those sandals are the best, so comfortable!

    1. They really are SO comfortable. I grew up in them -- and my mom has worn them all through adulthood, which gives them a very nostalgic feel to me -- but it wasn't until I got a pair, as an adult, that I noticed just how comfy they are! Never going back. Never.

    2. where are those sandals from?

  3. I'm very envious of your vintage photography!
    All of your photos seem like they're low contrast, but they're so crisp and wonderful :)
    Everything always reminds me of a dream.

    Also, it's always nice to find another English major's blog!


    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! These were taken with vscocam -- and their filters are the best, so I can hardly claim editorial credit. ; ) But, my favorite trick to do when editing photographs (in LR or PS -- or on my phone) is to tone down the highlights. That gives them a sort of creamy, low-contrast feel without actually distorting the crispness + detail of the photo.