10 August 2014

display your dishes! and your pig.

...Now that I've typed this all up...I think I blogged about our makeshift hutch, like...years ago. But, onward! 

So, my feeling on the matter is every home should have a certain number of what-the-heck-is-that artifacts. It just wouldn't be home without one or two pieces of defunct kitsch. Enter the eerily lifelike piggy bank of my dreams. I thrifted this in high school. It was seven bucks, which, for thrift stores in the area at that time, was kinda steep. But I just knew it was meant to be. 

Anyway! Our little makeshift hutch is consistently one of my favorite corners in our home. We had a need to add in some additional storage of our own since our kitchen, though lovely, has only a few cabinets. So, when we moved into this space a few years back, we started using this shelving unit as dish storage. We decided, of all our things we wouldn't mind seeing displayed...it was the dishes. 

And it's really interesting, as time goes on, to watch the face of our makeshift hutch change. Until fairly recently, we had almost entirely white dishes. My rule for home and clothing purchases is almost unfailingly...if it comes in white, buy it in white. But, sometimes...you find something really good at the thrift store, or your favorite bowls go on ridiculous clearance (only in non-white) and your husband eats like five bowls of cereal a day after all, so, you know, buy the colorful dishes and roll with it!  ; ) 

// Sources, for those wondering.  

Shelving unit: Ikea Expedit 
Eerily lifelike piggy bank: Thrifted
Monogram mugs: Anthropologie (one, two -- teacup + gold sold out)
Latte bowls: Anthropologie (large, mini
French Press: Bodum 
Square-edged plates + bowls: Target
Cake stand + White Serving bowls: Marshall's
*Various mugs, gilded dessert plates, pyrex, floral saucepan, etc.: Thrifted


  1. you have the sweetest collection of thrifted dishes! and that pig is too cute.
    x staygoldrebecca.com

  2. I love the idea of displaying crockery, which makes not getting a cat in the future ok. Haha.


  3. open shelving will forever have my heart along with mismatched thrift store dishes. (i literally have to refrane myself from the kitchen section at thrift stores because i would buy stacks and stacks of all the quirky cute dishes and since i don't live on my own yet, that would be a problem. :P )
    your dishes are the sweetest ever!

  4. i am the same way - white is always a good idea!! but sometimes a pop of color is needed! i love your array of dishes + that pig is so cute!! :)

  5. I love the idea of displaying all your dishes, it's just so homey! Your blog and you are just the sweetest.