29 August 2014

Mr.Morgan's Last Love

Here's something for you to watch this weekend (yes, it's on Netflix). Mr. Morgan's Last Love (Or, Last Love) based on Francoise Dorner's novel La Douceur Assassine.  

I read just a couple reviews of it and they all said what I'd imagined they might -- the dialogue was a bit stilted at times, a dodgy accent from Caine, the film, taken as a whole was indecisive, slow-moving. 

Buuut, I'm ok with that. And I, for one, found it extremely enjoyable to watch in a comfy sweater, over a cup of coffee. I usually could care less about what happens in a movie, and care infinitely more about the artistic details. Give me a character-and-aesthetic-driven film (or book) and I'm your girl, forever. I appreciated that the conflicts felt real, and that it wasn't made overly maudlin or fantastical. But, to each her own.

The film is undeniably good-looking. 

Here's what I enjoyed, what you might enjoy, too: 
-Sweeping (and intimate) shots of Paris (and Brittany, and Brussels, and Cologne).
-Michael Caine, the arbiter of all things old-manly and adorable.
-It put me in a writing mood.
-Aesthetically, it was...moody. The light felt like a character in the movie to me. Each scene was its own idyllic snapshot and place, and time of day, setting -- really carried the story, too. 
-Holy autumnal goodness. 
-Mr. Morgan's apartment. 
-The musical score. 
-Finally, and most importantly,  Clémence Poésy (in all her soft, gallic loveliness) is magnetic, and her pared-down, simple wardrobe is an absolute dream. 

This, definitively, is why I am not a movie reviewer. But I do enjoy watching them. So I'll continue doing that. 



    This movie also made me so incredibly sad, I was expecting a funny little thing that had a serious undertone about life, but I was faced with absolute heartbreak, ouuf!

    1. Totally. It was certainly melancholy. It sort of colors the rest of your day, to be sure. BUT! There's the writing mood, I suppose!

    2. And re: the apartment, I can't even start talking about that because I won't stop.