26 September 2014

black and white and baby blue

skirt // white dress (old image) // others found in the vast infinity of pinterest...pinfinity?

Sweet, soft baby blue is a color I find vastly under-appreciated.

I've always felt it was so sweet and feminine a hue. And looks stunning with black and white -- without the overt saccharine-ness that comes with black and white and pink ensembles. (Though baby blue and rosy pink make a good couple themselves, too. It also looks good with mustard. And oxblood. And gray. Ok, hey baby blue, who do you not look good with!?)

Fittingly, my favorite fun fact to share at baby showers is that earlier in the 20th century, baby blue -- in all its unassuming softness -- used to be the designated color for girls, and pink -- a bolder color -- for boys.  If you find that sort of thing as captivating as I do, here's a Smithsonian article to peruse. 

Anyway. Black and white and baby blue has such a soothing quality. Dreamy, even -- almost soporific. Maybe that's the real reason Alice fell asleep in the flowers! At the top of my (shopping) list this year is to track down some sort of peter pan-collared dress in this hue -- and pair it with white tights and patent black flats. Though if I find something resembling that tutu or that coat, I'd be fine with that, too. As if that needs to be said.


  1. I am from Poland and even in the 80s, baby blue was for girls and pink for boys. In my christening photo I am wearing white but I do have a baby blue bow on me as well. I've always liked this color.

    1. That's so interesting! I love hearing about that sort of thing. Endlessly fascinating.

  2. Baby blue was pretty popular back in the day....let's bring it back!

  3. I love baby blue for girls. Especially brunettes like you and I - it can give us such a soft and beautiful and feminine (!) look. That tutu is incredible.

  4. I may be wrong, but I believe the baby blue for girls might still be the way in some places in Europe! My mum always insisted blue was for girls in Belgium when she was born! I always thought that was so fascinating of a switch up!

  5. So darling. I am a sucker for combining tan, white and baby blue together.

  6. Hey, Bridge. Good to know you got back to the evergreens for a few days... and the coffee shops relatively free of impertinent interrupters. Dorothy said it best: "There's no place like home." -- Pops