04 September 2014

Deep-fried Snickers and Other Unimportant Musings

Photos from the Taste of Colorado.

On Monday, I had, for the very first time, a deep-friend Snickers. It was all right. I think I prefer the Almighty Snickers in its unadulterated state, though.

In case you were wondering.

So, if you ask me, the best weekends are spent busy and out and about doing things during the daylight hours, then cooled-down in the evening time. In the darkened hours, I prefer to find myself snug in bed reading a book or watching a film, the city chattering all about me...in a silk slip and an oversized sweater and slouchy socks, if you please. I feel my best when the night is still alive around me, but I can find myself, much stiller by comparison, watching the world unfold from my window.

Perhaps this scheme of events would be different if I were single. But even then, I should still prefer my gentlemen callers take me for a coffee in the morning, on a wild bike-riding adventure through the city in the afternoon...and then for the night to progress rather the same. Give or take a bottle of wine and candlelit dinner served extremely late, but still a film, please. Bonus points for films staring Audrey Hepburn, seaside cabins, trains, girls with messy hair, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Paris, John Cusack, perhaps the greatest movie character of all -- New York City, bookshops, hotels, and other people as addicted to coffee as me. No, as we. We are falling in love, remember.

Also, movies with no clear plot and many tangents. Just like me.

To be on the fence about things is all good and well. And is normally a state of being I recommend. But, at some point, it is healthy to know what you like and what can you do without -- deep-fried or not.


  1. Those funnel cakes look heavenly. I have yet to try one! I will be sure to get my hands on one when we go to the state fair coming up. Thanks for this post, for it has reminded me they exist!


  2. I had a deep fried mars bar not that long ago, it was interesting. Also I love your dress.

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. The the mood and colors across the board feel just right together. And I totally agree about a coffee date over a dinner date! Thanks for sharing.