03 September 2014

Some of the things I like // Part I

part I 
in no particular order, 

when the airplane lands, finally
oversized sweaters (specifically in gray and beige and white if you please)
the word fancy, but exclusively when used as a verb
the idea of having a cat
lattes, hot and cold, but mostly the former
wrought iron beds in white 
for-no-reason tutu wearing 
poems and the people who like them 
the daydream of him taking me to Paris 
and the daydream of having a house...
...and the contradictory daydream of never settling down in one place
photos of balloons, lovers on balconies, ballerinas
the seaside
people who can draw 
books in piles all over the place 
bookshops and bibliothecas 
Classical Latin, which I know, which is silly, and mostly useless, but wonderful
...and then again, the whole of the English Language, which I love more
the idea that I could still maybe learn a little bit of French 
the time-saving and empowering principle of not doing one's hair
mist and fog and clouds 
gilt-edged mirrors, and books, and buildings
colonial houses
all-white linens
black and white stripes
withering photographs 
black tights worn with all things 
and crisp white shirts 
friends who make you want to be better, make you believe you can be
rooms with extremely ornate molding
girl friends who like to hold hands
velvet furniture
the contagious tizzy that occurs when a dog spots a squirrel
being an introvert 
the weight of a camera 
my habit of pinching my lower lip between two fingers when I'm nervous
dark wooden floorboards
waterfalls, the view from above when the water crests and tumbles over the edge
my pen pal, and writing letters to her
the mole below my left knee (which is, coincidentally, the only one I need to watch)
the good remnants of a Catholic school upbringing -- like my long, cursive scrawl
when he lets me wander at the bookshop and doesn't say a word
his eyebrows
his boots
chandeliers in ordinary rooms

There, that's 50. I feel very happy all over now. I think I'll do this again. 


  1. I feel like you basically need to move to France for 6 months and live there. I feel like that is probably your spiritual home and your list of some of the things you like part I is a strong indication of this! I hope you can go there!!!

    One gigantic benefit of living in London is that it's only a 2 hour train trip away... I'm yet to go myself (Disneyland Paris absolutely does not count, although it was pretty great...) but hoping to later this year.

    Also, all white linens, you are the best.

    jemima x

  2. We definitely share the love of over sized jumpers, I especially love chunky knit ones! I am uber jealous of people that can draw, I can just look at their drawings for hours and admire them! Definitely a talent I wish I had!

    Your blog is super beautiful & I love this post :-)


  3. Loved this list, so many feel-good things! :)
    xo Hannah


  4. All of these things are just lovely :)
    I used to take French in high school and I've long since forgotten it. So I too have the lingering hope that I'll one day get to relearn it. I've heard the best way to learn it is to live in the culture and you'll quickly adapt to it.
    So hint to your hubby that you two must move to Paris haha

  5. I love all of these thing as well! I really fancy this list! :P

  6. i love all of these. we'd be best friends.

    "poems and people who like them"...**important.


  7. All together lovely. This list fills me with delight!
    xo Rachelle ~ Beloved Bluebird

  8. so perfect. this list makes my heart very, very happy. :)

  9. This was a cute post!
    We have similar things that make us happy like oversized sweaters, people who can draw and the weight of a camera. Just the simplicity of your list is amazing.
    You're one of my favorite bloggers!

    Chelsea// destroyed-beauty.blogspot.com

  10. "the daydream of him taking me to Paris, and the daydream of having a house...and the contradictory daydream of never settling down in one place" - this is my dream today and every day

  11. This post so inspired me, I couldn't resist making one of my own! We definitely share a few favorite things 😊

  12. This post so inspired me, I couldn't resist making one of my own! We definitely share a few favorite things 😊

  13. Oh this made me feel so romantic and nostalgic! Beautiful.. I am a daydreamer, too.. :)

    Love, Thea / http://maedchenvommeer.blogspot.de

    PS: How do you edit your pictures? R you using a special program?

    1. Thank you!

      I use Adobe Lightroom (and occasionally Photoshop) to edit my photos. Sometimes I also post photos from my iphone which I edit using the VSCO cam app.

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate, and I hope that helps! Thanks, Thea. : )

  14. Wow, your blog is amazing! I just found it through another amazing blog, Beloved Bluebird, and I followed right away! Cool blog name.
    Keep it up!

  15. Lovely list! I think we should have this kind of list, makes me happy instantly. Pretty blog as well, I'm new reder here ♥