17 September 2014

the romantic's home

So, mostly this is nothing new.

But I'm burning to say how much the new house and home catalog from Anthropologie crawled into my brain, wrestled and let tumble out, in tangible form, all my deepest fantasies. The first third of the catalog is titled the Romantic's Home, and as you can see...it is incredible. All the deep textures, florals, whites and grays, gilded and lacy things, the wooden pieces with woodland creatures carved upon them.

Woodland creatures. I'm eternally sold at the words: rabbit-embellished. 

Granted, in all likelihood, the number of things I will be purchasing from this collection is exactly nil.

But, that hasn't stopped us from discussing it ad nauseam over here. It feels reminiscent of some pieces Robert and I have tried to curate (if only from the thrift store, for now) that we want to keep indefinitely. We're decidedly drawn to more found-in-grammy's-basement, old-worldly, shabby-chic, French provincial kinds o' things. Which, luckily, can always be found at antique shops.

But, it was refreshing to see a modern retailer recreate this look...because it's kind of been awhile. And we fancy the idea of it making a comeback. Our hearts just aren't in the saturated, Southwestern textiles or clean, supremely minimalist spaces the ol' Internet's been inundating us with lately. We love the people who can pull them off, God bless you, we want to be you, but we just aren't, comma splices for days. But, we like to think this is its own minimalism in a way...just one that relies on the subtle confidence of one good, rustic, ornate piece in contrast to a good, gray wall in good, clean room.

That's all. Sweet dreams beneath your (real or imagined) chandeliers.


  1. So lovely! I wish I could snatch every single thing up from Anthropologie. Those catalogs are dangerous! Question for you... what do you use to do your side-by-side photos like in this post? - Sarah

    1. Hi, Sarah! I use Photoshop to arrange photos. If you have PS, I'll be happy to walk you through it! Otherwise, I would check out Picmonkey. They're a free online editor and you're able to make side-by-side collages on there as well. : )

  2. Totally agree! I mean, I LOVE minimalist looks, but also realize I cannot pull it off with most things. Ere organization rather than simplification. ;)

  3. These are so beautiful! x


  4. It's like I wrote that last paragraph myself. Thank you! <3 You're awesome!

  5. This style is just breathtaking and it's something that I really haven't seen in a while, like you said.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I absolutely adore yours and you are so inspiring!

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  6. G-g-g-gorgeous. Living very much in a temporary home right now, I can't justify buying beautiful pieces like I wish I could! Anthropologie is a killer! So very many gorgeous things.