17 October 2014

it was a craigslist miracle

dress: free people // headband: UO // lipstick: rebel by MAC // butterfly print: similar

Completely unrelated photos brought to you by the headband that makes me feel like a gold-foil candy rabbit, in a good way. 

Last night found us moving a veritable monstrosity of a dresser across town in a friend's truck, and up into our apartment.

We had a very strict schedule for accomplishing this task.

First, Robbie had to be home by a certain time so we could drive across town, grab the truck, drive the other direction to get the dresser, swing back to the apartment and move it in, rush the truck back to our friend's for an appointment she had, switch back into our own car, and make it to a meeting on the other side of town. So, I think when all was said and done...we had 90 minutes to make this happen, driving back and forth across Denver during rush hour, dealing with an oh-so-timely elevator breakdown, Robbie getting off work an hour late, the girl from Craigslist running behind...

...but somehow, we managed to walk into our 7:30 meeting at exactly 7:30 on the dot. Considering the total distance we had to go, the size of the dresser, and everything else...there was no way we should have been on time, or even close. It was a Christmas miracle! Or a Craigslist miracle! It was a Craigslist miracle!

Oh, and about that 7:30 meeting: Robbie got his first official Pharmacist job offer! Go, Robbie!


  1. craigslist miracles are something else.
    and congratulations robbie! how exciting!!

  2. Great news! And lovely outfit on you xx

  3. can't wait to see the dresser. and congrats to robbie!

  4. gorgeous look!