03 October 2014

ten-minute poem

racing blue 
flower jeans in bloom
and there is white trim 
on the floors, ceilings, arches, doors
of her room
which is on a 
winding, tree-lined road.

here, things let loose
get lost -- 
like ducks and dogs --
and little toes that
stroll across the lot
and herself,
parts she didn't know


that could be lost. 

(were they bits like
odds and ends? 
which side -- 
the one that takes 
or gives, 
which side --
that closes
or cleaves?) 

breath is 
she wears alabaster
dresses always. 
these are the things
you can count on, 
since you cannot count
upon the sea -- 
wily, watery 
changeling thing. 

this shore and I --
the precipice of sea --
which gusts the gales 
of water over me. 

inside, a menagerie of things:
a quiet clock, 
striped linen sheets, 
and in a vase, dried-up --
hydrangeas, leaves -- 
a deer in brass, 
a goldfish,
a toy silver top.

and the insular life
breathes, broods, self-breeds
in piles of dirtied dresses
lain like piecemeal plateaus 
which spill from suitcases, 
or in that balmy breeze 
that breaks through 
bedroom windows 
left ajar. 

specimens real and not
which are parabolas 
of lives lived in places
where you used to live,
but now live not. 

Note: this is a ten-minute poem, which is an exercise I like to do from time to time. I set the clock, and write and write in stream of consciousness, until -- beep, beep!  This piece is formless, incomplete -- meant more as a generative exercise. If ever you find yourself inflicted with a terrible bout of writer's block...I recommend writing a ten-minute poem. 


  1. This is beautiful. And what a creative exercise, I would love to try it out!
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  2. I love it and such a great exercise. My professor does something similar to this in class every morning in Creative Writing.

    Chelsea// The Social Rundown

  3. i am so impressed with this. you are an absolutely beautiful writer!

  4. This is absolutely stunning. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  5. This is amazing! I will try this exercise some time. :) Thanks for sharing! Your work is great.