07 November 2014

a wristwatch

watch: c/o daniel wellington / necklace, dress, bag, book: gifts from meghan
(p.s. 15% off this month with code deercircus on daniel wellington) 

Well, I am currently in glorious, beautiful, wonderful, rainy Washington to photograph my last wedding of 2014! 

...By the way, I am horrifically bad at sharing the wedding photos I take. Laughably, embarrassingly so. Shall I have a full, dedicated month of posting only those? I think yes. A resounding yes! 

In addition to my cameras, and lenses, and flash, and extra batteries, and memory cards -- and all the other essentials for shooting a wedding -- another thing I always wear is a wristwatch. 

Weddings can get bananas with how many people you are directing, how many things are happening simultaneously (trying to get these posed shots, those candid shots...trying to be creative and sticking to a schedule) -- and one thing that helps tremendously is wearing the time on my sleeve. 

Here's to one last hurrah before winter's hibernation! Have a stellar weekend, kids. 


  1. beautiful watch! and what a gorgeous copy of "leaves of grass." i love whitman.

  2. Good luck on your last wedding shoot of the year!! Keep warm <3

  3. so pumped about this discount! been eyeing this watch for years (literally) and am now going to take the plunge!

  4. hope you have a lovely last shoot of the year! i can see how a watch would be very important! love the watch.

    rae of love from berlin

  5. Obviously, D.Wellington watches have been featured on every single blog this fall,
    but I have to say - they look very organic on you!


  6. I am sure you've already got a copy of that, but I hope not this one! When I found it I immediately thought of you, although a tiny piece of me wanted to keep it! It's so pretty ;)

  7. This is adorable. I love simple watches like that. And yes, having a watch at a wedding can either break it or make it for a photographer.

  8. Stephen doesn't take his off. DW is the greatest. Enough said

  9. We'd love to see your pictures!

  10. The effects on your pictures are beautiful, feels effortless and more personal than the typical hi-def DSLR pictures. keep inspiring (: