22 November 2014

about a coat

burgundy coat: forever21 // wristwatch: c/o daniel wellington (15% off with code deercircus until end of Nov.!) // nude lipstick (the best ever): Myth by MAC  

Happy almost Thanksgiving to all ye American follow-alongers! 

I love this time of the year for so many reasons (so many non-frivolous reasons) but one of the (more frivolous) reasons is for dressing.

I love getting gussied up for the holidays. And I look forward, unabashedly, to it all year long. I start squirelling things away for the next round of holidays the second one round wraps up. I might even have a tiny section in my closet dedicated to things in-waiting for the season. I didn't do this on purpose. But I noticed it's happened. But, look -- give me a hefty helping of tulle, with a side of faux fur, a bit of sparkle and lace, coats and scarves and mittens piled in a heap, shoes that clack and point the way into friends' homes (with snow dusting stairs and front doors) and I'm a happy girl. 

Most recently, I have fallen quite madly in love with this burgundy coat. (Do click to see it -- because apparently I'm completely insufficient at showing all the details that are so readily apparent in the stock photos. Oy!) It pairs as nicely with a fit-and-flare party dress as it does one more free-flowing and boho-leaning. It goes with every shoe! Every skirt! Every color and print! What! I don't know how she does it. And to find that kind of versatility in a coat is I think a wholly maddening holy-grail sort of search. But, voila! The mall powers that be were smiling kindly upon me this Friday evening it would seem. I can't wait to give it a turn with all my white dresses (ha!) and floppy hats and boots this holiday season --starting with Thanksgiving, and ending never, because we're in love. 


  1. That burgundy coat! You find the most amazing things. Wish we were shopping buddies.

  2. The coat looks lovely on you! But you just reminded me, I have to get cracking on my thanksgiving outfit!

  3. Love that watch and coat!
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I've nominated you for an award over at my blog, Bridget!

  5. "And ending never, because we're in love."
    I love that!! I have a similar relationship with holiday outfits - I love getting dressed up and feeling so fancy and proper! I just bought the most gorgeous black velvet midi skirt for the holidays ❤

  6. Beautiful pictures as always. xxx