03 November 2014

floor-length, flannel, and red all over

 dress: urban outfitters // shoes + purse: c/o urban outfitters // sweater: free people

Behold! Maxi flannel dress of wonders!

Today I awoke to that precious sound, that is to say, my favorite sound -- of rain beating hard against the windows. It is a veritable white rabbit in this sunny state of ours. And so, it is on days like these that I feel I could live happily in our loft forever. Its claim to glory is its five humongous windows -- that on mornings such as this one turn the apartment into a surround-sound, amphitheater from which to observe the rain.  

I immediately hopped from bed, and threw on this dress. And, look: I have this particular relationship with The Plaid Flannel Shirt -- which is that I've tried to pull it off...but I always end up looking closer to an actual boy than effortlessly hipster-chic. The Chambray Shirt and I have a similar dynamic. I have a denim dress that gets infinitely more wear. 

Every detail about this dress is on-point. The fit is so feminine -- cinches at the waist! -- and I love the front-placket of buttons, the slit (that makes it easy to stroll in, but isn't too short), cap sleeves, the little bit of lace, and it's so soft. Ah! 

It feels...a bit like a red flannel wedding dress. I already have a running daydream of wearing this, with wavy hair tucked beneath a winter floral crown, and sneaking away to a woodsy mountain clearing to remarry Robbie. Again and again. In the mean time...I'll be wearing it with chunky sweaters all winter long -- and perhaps eschewing the cardigan for a holiday party, complete with thick, wintry clogs. 

p.s. my dress & shoes are on sale, AND sweaters from UO are 25% off right now! Including clearance sweaters -- yay! I was going to link my favorites...but, of course I found way, way too many...


  1. it's a gorgeoussss one, that maxi <3

  2. I got this dress not too long ago and I couldn't figure out how to style it! You've inspired me :)

  3. how tall are you!? I find it nearly impossible to wear a maxi at my tiny height. but I am swooning over that dress!!


    1. I think maxi dresses look gorgeous on shorter gals! this particular one is a little shorter in the front, which makes it easier to wear.

      I'm 5'5. : )

  4. That is such a beautiful dress and it fits your just beautifully. I love how you've styled it with the shoes and cardigan too - lovely.

  5. This dress looks so cozy. I feel like I would just wear it around the house constantly!

  6. THAT DRESS. swooninggg. and I so agree with you, rainy days are by far the best days.

  7. this is gorgeous you look beautiful :)

  8. Plaid dress of my dreams! This is wonderful! Gorgeous photos as always <3

  9. Wooo what a dress! I love that last photo too with the wind in it, so fall-y!

  10. That last photo is absolutely gorgeous.