24 November 2014

gilmore girls and the naysaying beagle

So, on one particular day a few weeks ago when three o'clock struck, I decided it was as good a time as any to watch some Gilmore Girls (you know, tacitly ignoring the fact that I've watched through it, say five times already -- at a conservative estimate). 

And so Bernie was all like, 
Ugh. Again? Seriously? 

And Rory and I were all like, 
Oh, that's cute. Nice try, Bernie. 



  1. baaha, I love this. One of my favorite memories of my dog was when I was in my room, and then I turned on a Drake song. She got up and left that instant. I was all *laugh to tears* emoji for the rest of that day.

  2. aaaaaawwww look at that face.....soooo cute!:)

  3. haha this is the best, i love gilmore girls. it's always perfect to watch :)

  4. Adorable! Just utterly adorable! I haven't watched Gilmore Girls in years...it maybe time to start watching again.

  5. WHY ISN'T GILMORE GIRLS ON THE UK NETFLIX CATALOGUE! It is the saddest thing in my life and I literally think about it every day. I want to buy the boxset because nothing will ease the pain of not having unlimited Gilmore Girls other than having unlimited Gilmore Girls!