01 November 2014

halloween and what I wore, etc.

On Halloween, I was feeling like dressing a bit witchier than normal. My go-to is a white dress, but I've a small row of black ones in my wardrobe -- ones that beckon to me on these sorts of days when the wind howls against the windows, and the air swirls a bit chillier.  

The formula is the same -- mussed-up, no-fuss hair, a deep lip hue, perhaps a slouchy beanie (this is a look I'm trying more, per Robbie's request), some gold statement piece, a fringe bag, voila! You're dressed! 

beanie: urban outfitters // dress: free people // ring: modcloth (gift from robbie)

For our Halloween, we started Robbie's birthday festivities early & went out to our favorite restaurant -- which was all but deserted for the holiday. (Today is Robbie's birthday, but since he works all day, and then we'll be heading to a wedding immediately after...and then picking a friend up from the airport...we decided to do a little dinner, and we'll have cake and presents tonight!)

After dinner, we watched The Addams Family. Man, Wednesday, I tell you. Baby Christina Ricci is Halloween personified. 

(Also, I always read this aloud on Halloween. These are the sorts of traditions you make and take to heart when you grow up in a family of literary enthusiasts. I apologize to all future offspring who will be forced to endure these sorts of family rituals. Reading this on Christmas Eve is also non-negotiable.) 

Hope your Halloweens were a hit!


  1. Love your dress so much! Thrifted?

    I grew up in a family of literary enthusiasts as well, and we have the same Halloween and Christmas Eve reading traditions, which Nate and I are carrying on to our tiny family :]

  2. I love the top part of the dress. It's so flirty & fun. Baby Christina is adorable. Happy weekend! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  3. Love the outfit! Also, good movie choice :)