26 November 2014

tables with twine living

I'm the type who gets absurdly (read: embarrassingly) excited about house wares. So I'm thrilled to know about Twine now. I get wrapped up in the romantic idea of traditions, and the sensory memories my kids might have of their mum's favorite serving dish, etc. So, we are always trying to invest more in useful items we really love aesthetically too --  and the Twine line is beautifully crafted and feels homey to me. (And, let me just say that Robbie is obsessed. Especially with the cheese paddle. Husband-approved housewares, yes!)

First, of course...
you must deck the halls.


We tend to be simple drinkers. I'm happy with red wine or bailey's on ice, and he'll have the same, or craft beer or scotch on the rocks. Simple. Pick your poison, and pop it in a glittery glass. 

But, even keeping it simple, I'm all about small things that elevate the experience. I love this beautiful wine rack, and how the dark bottles pop against it-- and it looks fetching & festive with the boxwood wreath. 

I'd serve: Wine (a couple reds & a white), Bailey's, Scotch (Robbie's pick), and some craft beers (we like Left Hand Brewery, Guinness -- stouts & porters for the holidays). 

My picks from Twine: White iron wine rack // Amber tumblers // Moby bottle opener 



Cheese boards are just a thing of beauty. This cheese board is stunning on its own, pinned up next to a wreath for the holidays -- or set beside pots & pans. It's just rustic and utilitarian and lovely. But, it's arguably even lovelier as the backdrop for a yummy display of cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruit. Mmm!

I'd serve: Cheeses (we selected a brie, cranberry chèvre, and gouda from Trader Joe's.) crackers (mix of shapes, sizes, and textures), grapes & sliced apples. 

My picks from Twine: Artisan cheese paddle // Cheese flags 


In keeping with our simple theme, I prefer things that can be enjoyed without utensils -- little cookies, mini pies. Of course, one exception is pumpkin pie -- because, duh. 

I also like the idea of offering guests sweet dessert wines, or maybe a little cup of coffee to sip with their treats.

I'd serve: A homemade pumpkin pie, finger-food desserts (in a pinch, I love Trader Joe's orange-cranberry iced scone cookies, or mini pecan pies -- or, make your own!) 

My picks from Twine: White iron wine rack 


And...I wanted to list some gift ideas. Based on my mum, SIL, and best. 

Gift ideas for mum: 

Gift ideas for sis-in-law: 

Gift ideas for your bestie: 

Happy Thanksgiving to all ye American readers!


  1. My friend Ashley just told me that she sent you these! how cute. Love it.