04 December 2014

The best of Forever21 (and, on refining my wardrobe)

Greetings from Camp Purge!

Part of getting to a good place with my wardrobe is realistic steps. I want a clean-slate closet. I want basics (and basics with a twist -- collars and peplum and lace in small degrees). Forever21 is a good place for me to fill in those gaps that cleaning out my closet has magnified for me. 

I think it's great to invest in higher-end things when you're able...but...their clothes fit me. And are in our student budget. While it's not the place to pick up an investment coat...I have many blouses & sweaters from them that I've loved for years! 

So, I went to forever 21. I picked up just a few things, and tossed out another 15. Woohoo! I thought I'd share some favorites -- if you're going through this process too, you might find some basic gap-fillers, too! 

(You can click on each photo to go see the item.) 

I prefer having several different blouses in my arsenal, like: 

1. The tie blouse. One of my staples. Look so sweet under jumper-style dresses and balance out high-waist skirts perfectly. 

2. The surplice blouse. These are the magical unicorns of blouses. They look so good, on everyone, with everything. I got a white one from forever (like this) a few months ago, and I wear it...a few times a week.

3. The collared blouse. MY FAVORITE. Good to have a small variety. A sleeveless one (will work better under sweaters or this one which has it built-in -- no bunching!), a long-sleeved one, ones with black collars and white. 

4. Peplum. I recommend getting them in looser, flowy chiffon & silk-feeling material...personal preference, but I think too-structured peplums can look cheesy. 

5. Slouchy long-sleeve tee. The need for slouchy short-sleeve tees is well-established...but, honestly, I prefer mine long-sleeved (and gray). I just think the balance of a tighter-fitting arm and a flowing middle looks really nice. 

6. Higher-neck blouses. Best friend to your high-waist shorts & skirts. 

7. One signature lounge tee. Personal thing. But, as cheesy as that Jeune Beaute sweatshirt is...I love it. It's so soft and flattering. I'd never wear it to France, but it's fun to put on with messy hair and red lips.

I don't like having more than a few purses around. But I like the ones I have to be clean, neutral, and extremely purpose-driven. 

1. A wallet & coinpurse. Keep them basic & light so you can transfer to any purse. 

2. Small cross-body. I love small purses. I don't tote much around with me on most outings, so this is my go-to. 

3. Tote. I've come to love really basic tote bags. If you live downtown anywhere, they're a must for groceries, things from the drug store, or even carrying your laptop or tablet to work from a cafe. 

4. Duffle/Weekender. For travel -- by air or car! I love this one. 

And, for layering up...

1. A black coat. Don't delude yourself. This coat is cheap. But, I like having a less-nice coat around that I don't have to worry about when traveling, etc. And it fits shockingly well. 

2. A camel coat. A trench, or a winter coat...or both. 

3. Loose, flowy sweater. Cardigan-style or pullover, turtle-neck or v or crew. I like having a small variety. High waist jeans, flats, oversize coat, boom, you're done. 

4. Basic, boxy sweatshirt. In gray or black. You want this to fit just right. (I like mine just a tiny bit cropped, as I'm short-waisted, but choose your length accordingly). 

Also, this was fun to write! I never realized how much writing it out would help me define my taste, or assist me with sticking to this. So, I thank the Internets for your ear. xo. 


  1. your selection is spot on! lovely items, exactly what i would want in my closet as well. :)
    xo, cheyenne

  2. I just purged my closet too! I think I'm going to stick to just a few main staples as well. I love the feeling of quality over quantity.
    Great post! <3