10 January 2015

about a collar

blouse: c/o sheinside // dress: f21 

...like I said, tis the Holy Week of Peter Pan Collar Acquisitions. 

First up, this one. I love the rather wonderfully nun-ish motif. Thank you, once again, Catholic school, for being the official arbiter of all my future fashion decisions: always black tights, always collars, always blouses under dresses, always mary janes. (Also: a penchant for white dresses, heavy bangs, knee socks, navy blue and black, large leather satchels...join in if you know, too.) 

And, if you know the blessed entity who is causing all of the collared things to pop up in my general vicinity...please oblige him/her/it never to stop. It is the loveliest rain. 


  1. Beautiful!

    It is so wonderful when something you adore in fashion is on trend and you are able to add it too your collection before it fades away with the waves of the trends.

    Enjoy the sea of collars!

  2. Love your dress- and beautiful photos! :)


  3. Ahh, this makes me want everything I wear to have a peter pan collar. SO pretty!

  4. peter pan colors will never go out of style (*out of style*)