12 January 2015

how to enjoy your life // 02

I quite a enjoyed making this list -- and I thought to myself, well, that list could go on forever. 
So I think I'll let it do just that. 
Here's round two. 

How To Enjoy Your Life 
{ the Truncated Edition, no. 02 }

1. Listen to music that makes you emotional, often. 

2. Learn to find the silver lining in being blue. 

3. Call your best friend. (Even if, or especially if, you hate talking on the phone.) 

4. Wake up early, go on long morning walks, repeat. 

5. Start learning something you've always wanted to learn. Now. Education will make you a deeper, richer, more interesting, and gracious human. 

6. Allow your body to be physically exerted. (And start thinking about it this way -- allowing your body this privilege -- rather than thinking about exercise as a chore.)

7. Think happy thoughts. 

8. Make your bedroom really lovely. (Even if the rest of your apartment/life is a disaster.) 

9. Start every interaction with a friend (or stranger) with a compliment. 

10. Be authentic. 

11. Find something expressive that makes you happy, and do it every day. Write, paint, draw, make music or photos, woodwork, whatever. 

12. Get caught in a rainstorm. 

13.  Buy yourself flowers. 

14. Practice being gentle to others. 

15. Paint something. Even if you are really, really bad at painting -- just paint something really, really bad, and be ok with that. 

16. Tend to a plant. 

17. Thank someone for something done a long time ago you never properly thanked him/her for. 

18. Help others learn how to speak honestly. Give them the space to say they are having a crummy week, or feel lost, or restless, or sad. Help them re-learn the art of authentic communication. (The ripples of this run deeper than you know.) 

19. Find a piece of art (a painting, a photograph, a song, a movie, a statue, whatever) that you connect with, and obsess about it. Read everything you can about it. Study it. Stare at it. Write about (or make your own art about) it. 

20. Tie a balloon to your wrist. Go for a (very long) walk. Enjoy a pastry or some coffee. See what happens. 


  1. You tips are frequently on my mind and are really really lovely.
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  2. This is a lovely list. So many good tips. :)

    Vicki Grace

  3. Lovely post and tips. I love the idea of the last one, a little silly, a little beautiful and very intriguing. x

  4. I especially like "wake up early, go on long morning walks". I'd always assumed that if I wanted to wake up early it would be to go for a morning jog, which I will see as a chore at least half the time, and then I'd have to shower. So why not walk? That's just as good, so I'm going to do that.

    The Life of Little Me

  5. I've only read a few posts of your blog, but I wanted to say how thankful I am for them and for you. I've been through some foggy days lately and it's nice to read you as if I were hearing my own thoughts. What I need is someone to remember that good thoughts are powerful enough to make me feel better. I'm usually the kind of blog reader that stays in the shadows and doesn't write comments, but I thought it would be nice to let you know that I'm here, and I'll keep reading you. Thank you for being yourself and opening your mind to your readers.

  6. just reading this list already makes me happy!
    xo, cheyenne

  7. i wish we were neighbors so we could go on morning walks together.

  8. this. this is the best thing and it makes me so happy.

  9. these kind of lists are the very best lists.

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The telephone one is something I really, really need to do. It's so easy to settle with the "I hate the phone" thing, and then realize I am super lonely and wonder why no one calls. Can you just keep this going forever?


  11. this is the most perfect list!!!

  12. Thank you for remember these things! Amazing list :)

  13. Love these lists! Keep them coming please.