20 January 2015

morning rituals

In the whip-fast, busy bustle of life...it's easy for mornings to become an afterthought. They are an in-between time, an utter rushed madness. Hopping from bed in a dizzy fit, running the dogs outside, chugging coffee, hurrying out the door. 

At the same time, mornings our are first mood-setter. The pace, and temper, and texture we assign to our first waking hours often stay with us the rest of the day. So, while not all my mornings can or do look like this...let's be real...I try my darnedest to get as close to this when I'm able. 

Here are some of my favorite morning rituals (in a dreamworld with smooth, slow-as-honey mornings): 


You may remember in my nightly rituals post I talked about candles. It turns out, I'm actually a candles-all-day kind of girl. 

I love it precisely because it's completely unnecessary. It's a small ritual that sets the tone -- that seems to say, do a little extra today to make the world more lovely. Lighting a candle in my apartment in the morning is exactly that. A soft reminder to be a little gentler, a little more gracious, more attentive to detail. 


Even when I'm working from home, I place dressing on a pedestal a bit. I like to wear cozy, flowing things around the apartment -- but still feel put-together, with a fresh face. I get absolutely no writing or photo editing done otherwise! I try to do this early in the day, regardless of whether I have a particular agenda -- beyond writing that next passage. 


I'm very attracted to two aesthetics (funnily, both in home decor and clothing): antique-ish, very soft & feminine pieces...and more natural, bohemian items. I love contrasting some of the porcelain-floral-grandmotherly things with natural ones -- gems and minerals, plants, woven tapestries and the like. These things remind me that being yourself is good enough. All of that geode's goodness was locked inside itself till you cracked it open, after all -- and who cares how craggy or misshapen it is. It's perfect. And our little himalayan salt rock lamp is one of our most treasured things. 


I always try to make the bed in the morning -- but, of course, by the time you've had your cup of coffee...you may come back to it being slightly undone (hey, pups).  

It's less about having a spotless home...and more about honoring the space where I live. It's about creating small sanctuaries, scattered throughout my apartment. It will not always be neat -- in fact, sometimes I'll do what I did there: make the bed, then toss my purse back over the headboard to make it feel slightly undone. But that's the point I think. It's about making a place accessible, habitable, home. 


I've recently taken to documenting my dreams. First thing I do when I wake up -- I reach over for my phone and jot down everything I can remember. (I love the idea of writing them by hand, but find my mind can't keep up with my handwriting!)

I can't always recall everything, but some of the things I try to get are: characters, important lines, themes, setting, colors, internal dialogue, the way I felt, how I feel waking up -- and external factors like how late I slept, how many hours, what I did before bed, etc. It's fascinating to watch patterns reappear over time and study yourself at this level. 


Especially now that Robbie has such a demanding rotations schedule, we don't always have much quality time together. 

Mornings have sort of become our time -- whether we can run out for a quick (or, sometimes, leisurely!) cup of coffee, or sip some together in our loft -- we try to at least have a few minutes of face-to-face. He is the kindest, most uplifting person I know -- so getting to steal his input and aura for a tiny bit each morning is the most wonderful start to my day. Everyone should have that -- whether it's a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a good friend, or your pet who always makes you smile. Give them your undivided attention for a bit in the morning, and it will do wonders for your soul. 


If I play any role at all in society -- we have our problem-solvers, diplomats, leaders, followers -- I am a nurturer. 

I sometimes (or very often) am frustrated about infertility. But, I try to remind myself of all the other forms of nurturing I can do in the now. I am a wife, a friend, a puppy-lover...and, I have my succulents. It's so peaceful to pace back and forth in front of the windowsill, checking in on the plants, watering them. I don't do this every morning, but often. 


Last, but certainly not least...

Coffee is, after all, what guarantees I am human. But -- more important than the actual consumption of coffee for me is the ritual of it. It's a togetherness thing often -- Robbie and I try to be up around the same time to enjoy a few sips of coffee together. Otherwise, one of us will brew some up for the other. Last year, we invested in a nice espresso machine, and it was the best idea. I also will often return for a second cup in the afternoon -- and I like to think this is a mid-day reawakening, a day's second morning if you will. (And the ritual continues.) 

dress: free people

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Gorgeous photos, beautiful words, as always :)

  2. I love your dress, seriously:)♥ Great photos!!

  3. lovely photographs! i wish all my mornings could be like this... so calm and relaxing. :)

  4. such lovely rituals. :) i wish i could have more time in the morning to take it all slow, before heading out to work at 8!
    xo, cheyenne

  5. my boyfriend and I also use mornings to catch up with each other! we are both crazy busy students so we need the morning to have some time together.

  6. I love everything about this. Your photos always have such an ethereal quality about them.

  7. I'd have to agree with the comment above me. Stunning photos and great writing, as always.

    Lots of love,

  8. That's one gorgeous dress and very soft story!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  9. Love your dress, you look beautiful. You certainly have a way with words..... such lovely comments also. Thank you:)

  10. i know there are more important parts to this post but i cant get over your perfect dress

  11. this is so perfect.
    recently at work, they were talking about having a meeting at eight thirty. i usually don't go in util 9, if i even go in in the mornings. i silently freaked out for a minute because that was too early and what the heck would i even be able to be ready and out the door by then? and then i thought this is stupid. eight thirty is not early. no way. after some thinking and several things coming to my attention, i've been getting up earlier. the lady who wrote A Tree Grows In Brooklyn was a young mother and rose every morning at 6 to write a few chapters. then i came accross a quote by Hemingway i think it was, about rising early in the day while the mind is still fresh and write but stopping while your still ahead and those really inspired me. getting in bed and up earlier to write or just sit and watch the sun peak over the trees and slowly get dressed and feed the dog and do something a little less haphazard for breakfast is just so rewarding. much better than a scatterbrained stumbling down the stairs to kick the dog out, eat something when i'm not even hungry, wear something i don't even like just because i'm running out of time.
    so all these little things are so inspiring. and i'm still tweaking my routine, so i'll take some of these things and add them in.
    thank you :)

  12. Beautiful. I have my morning rituals too... going around the house and opening all of the blinds is #1, coffee a close second, and I have only just started to get "dressed for the day" as soon as I can (otherwise there are some days I'll be in yoga pants for the majority of it, oops.)

  13. this is the loveliest! i love reading about people's habbits and rituals, there is something so raw about it. your dress is basically out of a fairytale and i just love your simple and beautiful approach to life-- it is truly inspiring! i hardly have a solid morning ritual, but i've started making sure i'm up to watch the sunrise (i currently live in the mountains so winter sunrises + the extra time it takes for the sun to reach my little condo makes for a decent wake up time) and i've found that the mornings when i do see the sunrise, my day is so much more inspired and productive. :)

  14. Your posts are so lovely, makes me relax so much while reading them!