06 January 2015

my week from bed, in a list

This truly lovely bout of illness seems to be clinging on tightly. So, tis been a week of mild flirtations with many things. Half-reading books, planning how to wear recently acquired items (but mostly gazing longingly at them), a new French phrase here and there...

And so...


1. The oxfords arrived! Beyond smitten. 

2. Two books I finished before I got really sick.
How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are (A fun read -- gave me snappy ideas for micro-essays. Not for the prudish or too-serious.)
Bringing Up Bebe (On my list for years. Finally got it, and read it in a day. It's criticized as reductive...but nevertheless, a good read. I tend toward Francophile tendencies, and it was affirming of some things we've always felt re: parenting...specifically eating habits. I liked it!) 

3. And Paris guidebooks! I read these & blogs with incredible speed (and a grain of salt) and see (or feel) what sticks. I've avoided buying these for years because I thought they'd make me feel...stir-crazy, or somehow inadequate if I didn't have a trip on the horizon. Now that we do, indulging in this small pleasure is the best, long-awaited feeling. 

4. Journaling. Field notes & the handmade journal from my sis-in-law. These, due to their small, pocketable form...have confirmed the way I conceptualize of journaling. Much less pressure to document per se (I've never been good at this type of journaling) and more freedom to just...be. Jot down. Little half-thoughts, or overheard mutterings in the post line, sensations, quotations. I like to think of it as...a little book of acquired loveliness. It suits me. 

5. Something magical has happened, and suddenly there are peter pan collars everywhere. Somehow, for years, every blouse/dress I'd find online would be crazy expensive, or sold out of my size, and the brick & mortar stores in Denver neeeever seem to stock these more feminine types of things. (The style here is by and large more...sporty, a bit more edgy, I guess? Not as overwhelmingly pretty as I'd like.) But this week has been the Holy Week of Peter Pan Collar Acquisitions. To whomever is perpetuating this, THANK YOU. 

6. ...More oxfords. Just to round out the photographic offerings du jour. 


  1. Lovely!

    Sorry you are still unwell, but glad that there were cheerful moments in the midst of illness.


  2. Finally allowing yourself to read and buy travel books because you know you're actually going to be there for sure is the best feeling ever. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Would you say Bringing Up Bebe is a decent parenting book?

  4. I do hope you're feeling better. But hey, at least being sick is an excuse to lounge around- read, sleep, repeat.



  5. I spotted this in a store a few weeks ago and almost picked it up - portraits of the Left Bank female literati:


    Thought you might be interested as well :)

  6. i adore this.
    hope you feel better soon! xoxo.

  7. Not to pry or be impolite but I was wondering if you have to take special precautions around your husband when you're sick? I was just curious. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. I am currently living in France. Have you been here before?!It was always my dream and it is so much better than anything I could have ever dreamed. I haven't been to Paris yet, but the south of France is perfect. I am probably the creepiest eavesdropper, trying to learn French words like a little English speaking leach.

    Bon Voyage!