26 January 2015

things thrifted

It's been a bit since I had a notably good thrifting trip. But I found a few gems this past week...and I thought I'd share! 

It's interesting to see, over time, how my thrifting patterns shift. Right now, we're really trying to look at all things dualistically: a. what function does this serve? and b. having decided it is functional...does it fit aesthetically with us/the stuff we have now/what we want our home to look like long-term? It's a good way to look at what you bring in...but also what you let go. A litmus test of sorts.

knockoff eames chair

We were so excited to find this Eames knockoff for ten bucks! We've lusted after these exact chairs forever. This one will be perfect to replace our current office seat. (And maybe someday, we'll have a set around a dining room table.)

free people sweater

I don't often find free people clothing at the thrift shop (I mean, c'mon!). But when I do, it always feels like stumbling upon a goldmine. I've pretty much been wearing this sweater nonstop, with white dresses & high-waisties.  We've had glorious weather this week, so I've been rocking this in lieu of a coat and it is heavenly. 

oversize dream catcher

I found this gem for only three dollars while in Missouri last week. (I was visiting my pen pal, Sarah.) It was the only thing I thrifted, and was the perfect little souvenir. It has giant feathers & beautiful wood beads at the bottom. But some of the other colorful plastic beads kind of throw it off for me, so I'm planning to replace those with neutral, stone beads...maybe crystals, larger rocks? If you have ideas, I'm all ears!

printed sheet

I think this has to be a one of my all-time favorite finds. Our couch was free (yay! -- but, also very dark and heavy, and a bit ripped up). So, this is the perfect makeshift cover. The pink ties in nicely with our velvet armchairs and some other details like the candle & ceramic pot. I think, because it's so faded, it's been super easy to pattern mix with, too. In the future, I think it'd be cute as a photo backdrop or for fort-building. Four bucks well spent. 


  1. Such beautiful things! I especially love the eaves chair...you have the best knack for thrifting!

  2. That sweater looks so comfy!! Love when you get lucky at the Op-Shop

  3. Great set of finds! Ou now I've got the itchin' for some thriftin' (more than I already have, always)
    that sweater looks to diiiie for!

  4. I love your room's decorations : *

  5. i love the chair! i have been wanting a cheap knock-off forever. great find!

  6. haha, i NEVER find free people clothing, so i hear you. but i guess if had some awesome garments like that i probably wouldn't gibe them away either :)

  7. oh my! these are really stunning finds.
    xo, cheyenne

  8. What great finds!!! I couldn't pick my fav as they all were!

  9. What a lovely little space and what great thrift scores!