28 February 2015

A Nursery Date

Paulino Gardens is easily one of our favorite date destinations in Denver. 

On wintry days, we like to wander the aisles, bundled up and down with hot coffee in hand. We gaze longingly at the giant fiddle leaf figs and impossibly overgrown cacti, sticking our noses in the limbs of miniature citrus trees -- which emit a bright, clean scent like you wouldn't believe. And in the summer we return, shedding our layers in lieu of cutoffs and bare skin, stopping for popsicles on the way home with the windows down.  We walk hand-in-hand, we discuss the importance of raising our children amongst a bevy of plant life. To teach them patience, process, caring, the strange wonder of life, its remarkable diversification. 

We like the nursery because once you've gone, and begun the lifelong labor of plant-tending, you always have reason -- larger pots, new soil -- to return. We always know we'll be coming back. 

p.s. lovely plant holders. all of which i'm considering buying. (and all under $30.) 


  1. Such Lovely words as always!

  2. Looks lovely there! Wish I could find such a charming nursery nearby. :)

  3. I just moved to another town, but in my old one there was always things like that :)


    1. Oh no! I hope you can find something nearby! : /

  4. This makes me want to explore more of the nurseries here! I'm seriously lacking some greenery this winter.

  5. Looks magical. (You got me really excited with the title "nursery date")