22 February 2015

a rainy day in fremont

I recently came upon these old photos of a rainy day in Fremont. 
From when? September? November? It could have been either.

Well, I remember this. In Seattle, you become accustomed to the rain. You begin to hardly notice it -- as if it's become a part of yourself, something you've accepted -- like having toes, or fingernails or ears. It just is. But, stormy, wild rain -- you do notice that. 

And on this day, I got caught in an utter torrential weeping of the sky. Some of the rainiest rain I've been in. And I have been aching for rain. I was completely beside myself, practically weeping along with it. I let myself (and the strap of my camera, my shoes) get drenched, moving slow like honey to a nearby coffee shop. 

I was in no hurry. 

By the time I arrived, placed my order, found a window seat -- I could surely wring a glassful of water from my hair. I was ratty in the rattiest, loveliest way. 

And moving to the desert will do that to you -- being apart from the rain. It will make you thirsty for it, achingly, indelibly. It's a symptom of growing up with the rain -- accepting it, as it were, like any other body part, any small fraction of self -- but it's like this: the soft reminder that you are, in fact, still human. You exist. The rain can wet your skin. It can weigh down your hair and your clothes, it can ruin your shoes. Can you feel it? Yes, yes -- resoundingly, yes! -- you can. 


  1. pretty shares. xoxo

    living in minnesota, i've learned to embrace our long, snowy and frigid winters. sometimes, our humid summers make me long for our winters. ironic.

    1. weather is such a fickle thing; i'm always amazed at how in-tune my body & emotions seem to be with the weather. haha. and you should be my icon; i'm still not sure i'm used to denver's long winters -- and they are nothing at all compared to minnesota! child's play!

  2. Great post I tell you. Uplifting:)♥

  3. this just made my entire life so much better.

  4. this pulls at my heartstrings - remembering the heavy heavy rainstorms in the green mountains of vermont.
    your writing, photographs, and being are always so lovely.