13 February 2015

the law of living things

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen these words already. 


we didn't grow up with potted plants. 

our virginia yard swelled with the wild, post-swampy overgrowth -- towering trees and white-barked trees, magenta floral bushes, wet moss, and the millions of fireflies, butterflies, and birds this humid clime seduced. my parents permitted the yard to run amok in its own wildness -- there is a lesson there -- but in many ways, permitted there lives to run a similar course. 

wild things ran rampant, for better of worse, and this -- this incidental freedom, not nurturing -- was the law of all living things. 

i can look back, and in some ways, be grateful for this lack of attention. would i have read so many books, nested in the highest tree boughs in the yard, would i have written? i don't know. all i can say for certain is the line is precarious, and inconstant, and lovely, and living is a bit like dancing back and forth above it.


  1. That is one long caption, but a lovely one too. I find captions so interesting to read on instagram. Words are what I like most, and a little more depth into an image makes it mean so much more than good photography.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. My favorite people I follow on Instagram are the ones who use their pictures and their captions to tell a story. It makes me feel like I actually know them and am a part of their life!
    Your caption here is beautiful.

  3. this is really really thoughtful and beautiful. and i'm glad you did write, because you always write beautiful things. just so you know.