07 February 2015

itty bitty evolutions

I'll always prefer a whitewashed & pared-down place to sleep. A place literally drowned in shades of white and cream. This is the tone that placates me, but revitalizes, too. (And what a wonderful marriage of opposites.) 

Even then, as seasons in a small spaces pass, your eyes begin to crave the subtleties of newness. Not comprehensive shifts in form, but tiny indications of it. Itty bitty evolutions. A freshly thrifted white pillowcase or coverlet, the beginnings of a new candle burning. This is how I let this sleeping corner evolve. Lately, that is: a crystal-knobbed nightstand found in the alley, a set of ruffled cases over fat, square pillows, a dreamcatcher (which my bed partner insists is not working) and wide diamond-textured cover ripe for the picking from thrift shop shelves. 

And just like that, it felt a bit like spring in the midst of February.