20 February 2015

CLOTHE // Spring as woman

dress: fevrie // bag: target (similar) // shoes: target // jacket: forever21 

We've since returned to winter's wiles (i'm lookin' at you, projected eighteen inches this weekend). But, for a short string of days, the warmth of the sun was upon our skin. This particular day found us at the park. Spring is a long way's off, still. And certainly so in denver -- where it often snows through May. 

But, that's spring's way. And i've come to identify with spring as I age. 

Spring's quite like a woman. A bit inconsistent, sometimes moodier than she'd like to admit - but, also, brimming with a certain indelible grace. Like the tree-birds she is known for, the birdsong o' spring is wonderfully dynamic -- how the trill crests and falls. She's a bit of a wild woman, spring. I like her that way. 


  1. Really love your dress!


  2. Captured moments, words, woman, breath of spring - beautiful!

  3. Beautifully original. I always adore your writing!

  4. beautiful outfit. I love how freeing it looks!

  5. find this shoot amazing. i love the location, the vintage look on the photos and the dress.
    i love that you've styled it with a leather jacket<3 i'm such a fan - and the bag is perfect. good job!!
    and i see spring in the same way - wild and moody

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube