21 February 2015

where are you, bridget?

Moments of disassociation are driving forces. 

I was catching glimpses of my face in the mirror all week and thinking, 
you don't look much like you. 
Where are you, Bridget?

It was simply this: 
my face sans-bangs stirring me up.
Problem resolved. 

(I am always wanting other feelings of not-feeling-like-me to be as simple as a couple snips, a minor editorial reshaping.)


  1. this post is just beautiful <3 love your way with words! and out of mere curiosity -- do you dye your hair? xx

    1. I have in the past -- but it's all its natural color right now. (Until I get the urge again!)

  2. i love your fringe so much. seriously, if anyone rocks a fringe, it's most definitely you.