03 March 2015

bo + david // engaged // denver highlands

This week, I've really been focusing on my to-do list. It's easy for me to get to the top o' the list stuff. But then there's a whole rather daunting section at the bottom. The "to do....eventually" list. Things like making this space more navigable, updating my site...and learning french and ukelele and reading all the classics. 

So in honor of that sentiment! A little engagement shoot from a bit ago that's been sitting in draft mode. 


I had the best time wandering through Denver's adorable Highlands neighborhood -- our favorite spot in the city -- snapping engagement shots with these two. David & Robbie met in pharmacy school and are such good friends now...and I'm so happy that he brought that beautiful girl out to Colorado with him. Bo is one of the warmest, most confident, and fun souls you'll ever meet. (Also. Her hair. Holy cow.) Pretty predictably, when we have double dates, the conversation quickly turns to babies and houses and going on family excursions together...with all four of us chiming in. They're gems.

Anyway, it was a wonderfully gloomy, perfect-for-a-latte kinda morning on this particular day. Those overcast days are a bit more rare to come by in Denver (-- than Seattle, anyway!) and they're my favorite. Everything's creamy, and aglow. I was in a state of bliss -- for this day, for these two.


  1. these are so touching. you captured them so wonderfully!

  2. Such lovely photos and couple!

  3. What a beautiful photo series, really well captured! And how pretty is that dress, oh my!