02 March 2015

CLOTHE // Cloudy

maxi dress: forever 21 // fringe boots: shoemint // necklace: c/o borcik // bag: thrifted 

My grandma & I used to play a game called cloud reading. When I visited her in Chicago, we'd grab disposable cameras and take photos of the sky blindly throughout the week. We'd get the photos developed, lay them across her dining room table. Pointing to the shapes, sharing what we saw, shifting the photos around, and our bodies around the table to see everything from a hundred angles. And this -- this was my Grammy. Cloud-reader, writer, belly-laugher, world wanderer, an excessive photo taker. My love of documenting was certainly an inherited trait. 

She died almost fourteen years ago. That number is impossible to believe -- well over half of my lifetime without her. (Does it ever become believable?) When I saw this cloud-covered dress, I knew it would be the perfect homage to my cloud-reading Grammy.

P.s. Other pretty dresses: 


  1. I think we have meshed souls. Like, I thought I should comment here how I love the return of the Bridget fringe, and then I get an email you left something on my post.

    I adore you, too. And I think I missed out on a fantastic college roommate, yes, I agree.

    And (again), Daniel and I have a disposable camera we've kept for a few years, taking some time to snap a photo here and there and not develop it until it's full. I have no idea what's on it, I just know it's almost done. This post reminded me of that.

    I saw a cute little image in my head of you and your Grammy swirling around the table, maybe crawling across. What a precious memory for you.

  2. I loved your outfit, Bee :)
    Always cute


  3. Ohh, so so beautiful.

  4. This dress is lovely, and it's wonderful that you can attach such wonderful memories to it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous. :)

    (I love this dress so much more than that gold/white/blue/black one that's trending around. ;))

  6. what a sweet story. and that dress is absolutely amazing!
    xo, cheyenne

  7. That sounds like my favourite kind of game. I LOVE doing that (minus the disposable cameras). Gorgeous dreamy dress

  8. Cloud reading sounds like such a good idea! What a wonderful memory to have of her!

  9. Beautiful dress and pictures. Sounds like you had a pretty fun grandma too :)

    Madeline /// http://madelinemariehall.com/