23 March 2015

For a Plane Ride to Paris

Our trip to Paris is around the corner (or, around a couple corners). 

As a very nervous flier, making fun of the packing process helps me alleviate some of my anxiety. 

When packing for a flight I consider:

1. Clothing that's cozy -- and cosmopolitain (I quite like dressing up for travel).
2. Things to distract myself. 

It by Alexa Chung
Any reading must be: 1. full of photos. 2. fashion-centric. The trick is to find something engaging...but easy to digest. I'm too anxious to do any proper reading on a plane. I also like the idea of mentally bringing Alexa along. As a coping mechanism, I often find myself pretending to be someone else (someone not nervous to fly). Alexa, who flies constantly, is a jolly good girl to pretend to be! 

Reversible (Vegan!) Tote Bag
How perfect is this! Two bags in one, to match all your travel outfits (plus, it's generously sized -- to fit your laptop while flying....aaaand, once you've arrived, fits a camera, maps...and a baguette). I think I've convinced myself to get this. Sold. 

Skinny Watch 
Watches are a comfort thing. They remind me that time is passing. When flights get turbulent, I often find myself fixating on, staring at something to calm me. A watch is perfect for this. (Also: Write alphabetical lists of names in your head. Or list as many words as you can starting with the letter, "A" then, "B" and so on.) I love how delicate this one. (And it's $10!)

I cannot be bothered to wear bras in general, and certainly will not be wearing any underwired, complicated contraption while hurtling through the sky in an airplane. No. A lacy bralette will do what a sports bra will...but in top-notch, ultra feminine style. You'll feel a little better in lovely unmentionables, I promise. 

Cozy Sweater
Doubles as a blanket (just stick your arms through it without putting it all the way on) or roll it up into a pillow. 

Wear ballet flats & delicate socks to get through security -- easy to slip on and off. And keep these tucked in your bag for the flight. Get a new pair and save for them for the flight. New-sock-feeling is so luxurious, and you hate flying...you deserve this. 

Portable iPhone Charger
You're on a million-hour flight. This warrants no further explanation. 

Something simple and neat looking (think vegan leather, not plastic-y) to keep your passport, lipstick, cellphone, and some cash in). 

Indulgent Skin Product
A mist, a lotion, a creme, a mask, whatever. Flying will massively dry your skin. Go clean your face in the bathroom mid-flight with a towelette, and smooth or spritz something hydrating and calm-smelling on. (Tuck your makeup into a pouch, and freshen up before landing, or once you've arrived.) 

*I also take: 
headphones (the iPhone kind -- for sharing!), cell phone, macbook air, a small notebook and a pen, towlettes, hand sanitizer, and a spot of makeup (powder, lipstick, a tiny perfume). Hope this gave some ideas to my fellow anxious fliers! 


  1. So smart to think ahead, I love your choices. I might be copying some of your ideas for my upcoming trip!

  2. This is so helpful because I always freak out about what I need to bring while flying.
    the list is super simple, yet practical :)