31 March 2015

Observations on a Nightstand

observations about my (messy) nightstand lately:

1. it is pretty excessively feminine. if i happen to be donning a lipstick, switching a purse, reading a book, what have you -- all these things get unceremoniously dumped here, all amassing in a messy pile of girlishness.

2. an inventory of items on/in my nightstand: this book, one cup of chai in a blue mug, ballet attire, three maps of paris, four bottles of perfume, one vial facial oil, a navy blue purse, a brass and glass box, two lipsticks, one eyeliner, a pen, concealer, a travel guide to paris, a notebook, a lamp (shadeless), black silk pajamas (unworn, waiting for paris), three rings, a necklace, an art museum map, a dessert plate, four bralettes, two pairs of underwear, three more lipsticks, a bobby pin, a memory card, a passport, the dust jacket for a book i'm no longer reading, an eye mask, fifteen children's books (most importantly, madeline, the winnie-the-pooh storybook treasury), a pile of unfinished writing, three packs of film, a postcard, a locket, new tee shirts for robbie (hiding, so he's not tempted to wear them yet), a polaroid of him, two identical lockets (one for me, one to send a friend).

3. it mostly contains things that are waiting to be used. (i have a problem with "saving" things.)

4. not an observation, but a fun fact: i found this nightstand in the alley and saved it. it's shabby chic, has three generous drawers, and crystal drawer pulls. it is my dream nightstand.

5. it is either perfectly neat, or a total disaster. there is no middle ground.


  1. How to be Parisian has been on my "to buy" list for quite some time now. Would you recommend it?

    Also, my room is also a case of incredibly neat or painfully messy. I can't yet figure out a balance.

  2. CRYSTAL DRAWER PULLS. I am so glad I found my nightstand soulmate. :)

  3. i adore this, and i'm so with you on the disaster area vs completely clean. my nightstand is the same way.
    but i think there is such a whimsical beauty in the messy.