26 March 2015

The Dreamer // 31 Bits

Dreaming distinguishes us. Let me explain:

While every other organism we know about 
lives in a world as presented to them by Nature, 
human beings live in a world that they consciously symbolize 
and re-create in their own minds. 

-- Ian Tattersall 
from A Mind Apart by Susanne Antonetta

Dreaming distinguishes us. We think hypothetically. We can foretell not-yet-real or not-possibly real scenarios. We imagine in impossible terms. 

And what a gift that is.

31 Bits asked me to showcase their Dreamer necklace from their new classics collection -- to talk a bit about what being a dreamer means to me. And that's the crux of it: dreaming is honoring the hypothetical. Imagining. Making music, painting, photographing, and writing; it is poetry. It is seeing that creating -- just for the sake of process -- is what makes us distinctly, wonderfully human.

Because it is an expression of self, dreaming is a generosity of spirit.

31 Bits is the perfect company with whom to talk about dreaming. Their jewelry is made by women in Northern Uganda, and the company's mission is to help these women rise above poverty by creating sustainable income. I love talking about dreaming in these communal terms. Because dreaming is giving. And when we help someone else dream, we are acknowledging her humanity.

And what a gift that is.


  1. you are beautiful, friend!
    and that necklace is so pretty and I love the cause that it supports!

  2. the third and fourth photo,*heart-eyes*.
    you are so absolutely lovely! and i love products with a good cause behind it.

  3. I love your thoughts about dreaming and how you connect them to this beautiful necklace made by women trying to improve themselves.

  4. your world is filled with pretty things and pretty thoughts.


  5. Never combined the notion of dreaming with the notion of hypothesising. Beautiful thread of thought.

  6. lovely post! I love your gorgeous vintagey dress, too. :)

  7. Love these pictures (: