15 April 2015

spring walk

spring walk

We're expecting another snow-blast this week, so I've left my trusty wool camel coat on standby, and brought home a trench for slightly warmer days. Sunshine, rain, or, yes, even snow -- I love long spring walks in the city. 


trench: here's a very wallet-friendly option. and more! 
(P.s. I'm wearing this one in photo and despite the reviews, I love it. It is quite long (I'm 5'5), but I tied back the belt, and it's slouchy and lovely.)

scarf: I loved this black scarf so much, I went back for it in beige. Oversized, supersoft, goes with everything. We're packing these for Paris, and will trade off -- guys can rock these too.

and this beanie...rules. Also share-able with lovers.

converse, of course.